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Design Offering
MiscelPage offers some exciting plans to choose from. We will work with you to:
design and publish a single stand-alone page
create several pages linked in the manner you describe
We can:
Host your page(s) on MiscelPage, or
help you migrate your existing page(s) to either MiscelPage or a new Host Service, or
help you acquire your own domain name and Host Service.
We provide design and setup, then:
turn over the developed site to you, or
work with you to maintain your pages on your own site
  1. Spam or spamming (unsolicited mail) of any kind from your site is not allowed.
  2. Certain conditions apply.
  3. You can always get Questions answered.
  4. Detailed support is always available.
1-6 Pages1
1-6 Pages
1-6 Pages
> 6 Pages
You receive HTML code
MiscelPage hosts your HTML code
Your HTML code hosted on Domain3
Your HTML code hosted on Domain3
40 / Page (Basic2)
40 / Page (Basic)
40 / Page (Basic)
To be quoted (TBQ)
1page ~ HTML entity created for optimum (Basic) display
2Basic ~ Text-Only, screen def = 1024*768 pixels
Includes Meta Tags for search engine optimization
All code in addition to Basic design will be quoted based on requirements.
3Server with your Domain name (MiscelPage selects Server to Host your site);
If your chosen Domain Name is available, will establish same, else
You supply alternate acceptable names until finding one that is available

Annual Plans
MiscelPage will create and support your web page on the following basis:  You own all rights to your web page. Should you not wish support beyond creating your page, there is no further obligation. For the Basic Plan (MPB01), you are supplying the host location for your web page and any support is relegated to maintaining the functionality of your page as designed and delivered. For the remaining Plans (MPH01, MPS01, MPX01), annual support is implied due to the server/host interface provided. However, if desired, you may terminate this relationship at any time. (Allow 30 days for cleanup and shutdown.) You would not retain domain name rights should you terminate this level of support. Your page would be 'removed' from server support and the page design turned over to you. It would be up to you to provide ongoing server support, should you wish to terminate the annual agreement.

Domain Name Registration
MiscelPage will register your domain name in your requested name (providing the name is available to be registered). You own all rights to your domain name. Domain registration is done through a Server and the cost of maintaining your name is included in our service. For ease of use the Admin/Technical and billing contacts will specify MiscelPage personnel unless otherwise requested.

Moving your domain under MiscelPage
If you are moving your domain name and/or web site account under MiscelPage control, we will require your login information to make the proper domain name server (DNS) changes. This information will be kept confidential at all times.

Account Setup
Upon setting up your account MiscelPage will provide a Welcome letter containing your site information. You may want to print this for your records.

MiscelPage does not allow spam or spamming from any of its clients. Only one warning will be issued before the account is terminated.

Customer Service FAQ's
Read our Customer Service FAQ's.

MiscelPage reserves the right to terminate any account for any reason without notice.

Technical Support
Support is available via Support@MiscelPage.com.

For all support (i.e., a request for technical support or additional services) please use the support form. We try to respond within the next business day at the latest. Some requests require research and additional time to verify an issue, but you should receive a confirmation message immediately, acknowledging receipt of your information.


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